Store Event – Infant Safety & CPR Class

While no one wants to think about it, babies sometimes undergo medical emergencies. Most likely that will never happen to you, but if it does, you want to be prepared. Here are some safety quick tips, as well as the best bet for ensuring your little one’s safety.

Recognize the Signs of Danger

Most parents know when something is wrong with their child. If your baby cannot cry or make other sounds, that’s a good sign she is choking. If she turns red or blue, the condition is serious. If she passes out but has not exhibited other signs, it may be choking or it may be something else.

First, Check for Breathing

The first step is to check for breathing. If the baby has choked, she obviously is not. However, if she is unresponsive for another reason, hold a mirror under her nose to see. If she is not breathing, you can proceed to CPR while someone calls 9-1-1. If you are alone, perform one set of CPR compressions, then call yourself.

Do Not Try to Remove Objects Unless You Can See Them

If your baby is chocking, it’s tempting to stick your finger in and try to dislodge the item. However, if you can’t see it, you might accidentally push it in farther. Don’t do anything else you have a clear view, then use your little finger.

Perform CPR

If your baby isn’t breathing and is unresponsive, perform CPR. Do not use the heels of your hands. Instead, place one hand on her forehead and use two fingers to compress her chest 1.5 inches, 30 times in a row. Tilt her head back and give two rescue breaths, then continue in this pattern until help arrives.

Sign up for a Baby CPR Class

While having a basic understanding of safety is all well and good, baby CPR is not intuitive. If you want to be fully prepared for any eventuality, you should consider enrolling in a CPR class. We will be offering them here at Under the Almond Trees. The first class is coming up on February 5th, so please get in touch with us if you’d like to sign up or put your name on the waiting list.