How to Deal with New Baby Visits

Having a new baby is wonderful and magical, but it’s also pretty stressful … especially when you take into account all the people who want a slice of the cuteness pie. Here’s your basic crash course for handling the darker side of new baby visits.

1. Be Specific About Your Illness Policy

Whether you take a “let’s build that immune system!” or a “no visitors who have sneezed in the last month!” approach, be clear. Don’t hem and haw when someone asks to come even though they’re getting over the flu; just be direct. If they came in from out of town and are pressuring you, but you’re still not comfortable with it, say so.

2. Make a Priority List

Not everyone will appreciate being put off, but you can only handle so many visitors at once. Your parents usually get top billing, followed by siblings and besties. From there, schedule a visit every day or two so you and babe get plenty of rest, and don’t apologize.

3. Ask for the Food You Want

People visit babies; they bring food. It’s the way of humans since the dawn of time. Avoid offending anyone or filling your fridge with unwanted items by just telling them what they can bring, even if they don’t ask. Right now, you’re allowed to be choosey!

4. Don’t Back Down on Your Hospital Policy

If you don’t want people in the delivery room right after birth, prep people for this months beforehand. If you wait until the last minute, they’ll be disappointed and make it harder on you. Of course, if Mom has a difficult birth and can’t handle it, then Dad better be ready to step up to the plate and order everybody out.

These steps won’t solve every post-baby visit annoyance, but they should help!