4 Ways to Give Thanks Baby-Style

Our little ones are the best thing that happens to us in life. (Okay, it might be a tie with pumpkin pie à la mode.) And at this time of year, when we should be giving thanks for all that’s wonderful and beautiful in our lives, our babes top the list.

What better way to show our appreciation than by giving thanks, baby-style? Here are four ways to honor the Thanksgiving spirit and show gratitude for your bundle of joy.

1. Taking Your Baby to See Older Relatives

We don’t realize it when we’re busy cleaning up bodily fluids and switching out diaper cover sizes (how did she outgrow them again?), but one day we will miss the presence of little ones in our lives. There’s nothing kinder during the holidays than to bring your baby to see older relatives. Aunts, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas all adore holding your squishy little bundle, so if you can prioritize that opportunity, do.

2. Donating to Baby Medical Research

It’s horrible to think about, but some parents are unlucky enough to have a baby in medical crisis. While modern medicine can do much for children, it can’t yet do it all – which is where research comes in. Even a small donation can make a major difference in the life of another baby, and their parents.

3. Filling Stockings for Orphans or Impoverished Children

The story of Santa Claus is wonderful for children who are going to receive a visit from him this year, and not nearly so happy for those that aren’t. Filling a stocking for a child is the perfect Thanksgiving activity to bring family together, and a wonderful way to remember less fortunate little ones.

4. Practice Gratitude at ALL Hours (Yes, Even the Wee Ones)

When you’ve been woken up for the third time in the middle of the night, are running on four hours of sleep from the night before and will be seeing persnickety Great-Aunt Shirley first thing in the morning, it can be hard to feel grateful. But think of it this way: What if your little one wasn’t there? What if you were one of the many who had trouble having a baby? You can show your holiday spirit by taking a deep breath and going to your child with love and joy.

Keep each of these in mind in the spirit of this season joyous season, and you’ll be able to bring your own joy to others as well!